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Create Index

The Create Index commands can be found in the command palette as Breadcrumbs: Copy a local index to the clipboard and Breadcrumbs: Copy a global index to the clipboard

Running these will copy an auto-generated index/table-of-contents to your clipboard.

Local Index

The local index is a nested markdown list of all the notes going down the children tree, starting from the current note (local index). It will show the current note's children, all those notes' children, all those notes' children, and so on, until there are no more children.

For example, my university note has my semester module's as immediate children, and each of those modules has assignments:

- [[MS Mini-Dissertation MOC]]
- [[Thesis.Admin]]
- [[N6 MO]]
- [[N6P1]]
- [[N6P2]]
- [[N6E]]
- [[N5 MO]]
- [[N5P1.Pos]]
- [[N5P2.Pos]]
- [[N5E.Pos]]
- [[N5P1]]
- [[N5P2]]
- [[N5P3]]
- [[N5A1.Cul]]
- [[N5E.Cultural]]
- [[N4 MO]]
- [[N4P1.Essay]]
- [[N4E.Env]]
- [[N4P1.Soc]]
- [[N4P2.Soc]]
- [[N4P3.Soc]]
- [[N4E.Soc]]
- [[N2 MO]]
- [[N2P1]]
- [[N2P2]]
- [[N2P3]]
- [[N2P4]]
- [[N2E]]
- [[N2A1]]
- [[N2A2]]
- [[N1 MO]]
- [[N1A1]]
- [[N1A2]]
- [[N1E]]
- [[N1A2.SPSS]]
- [[N1E.SPSS]]

Global Index

The global index does the same thing as the local index, expect it does it for every [[sink|Terminology#Sink]] in the parent tree (ie. all those notes that don't have parents; at the "top" of the parent tree).


The [[settings|Settings#create-index]] for this functionality can change how it generates the index.