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A collection of terms used in Breadcrumbs.

Some of these are specific to Breadcrumbs, and some are more widely used in graph analysis and other areas.



Breadcrumbs uses 5 different directions to create structure in your vault. These 5 are:

  • up ↑
  • same ↔
  • down ↓
  • next →
  • previous ←


A field is a metadata field you use to indicate a Breadcrumbs relationship. Every field must be associated with one (and only one) direction.

For example, parent is a field in the up direction. Sibling is a field in the same direction.

Every direction can have multiple fields in it. parent and upper, for example.


A sink is a node in the graph with no outgoing edges.

For example, the Linux Users node is a sink, because it only has links coming in, none going outward.