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Breadcrumbs supports multiple, separate hierarchies.

This means that you can have more than one structure in your vault, distinct from the others. Each structure by itself, follows the rules laid out in Relationships.

To create your hierarchies, go to the settings tab, and open the first dropdown called "Hierarchies. You will see something like this:

Click the + button to add a new, empty hierarchy:

In it, you can add in the field names you use to denote each direction in your vault. Open the dropdown to show the input boxes for each direction:

↑: up, ↔: same, ↓: down, →: next, ←: prev

If you then click "Show Hierarchies", you should see a notice pop up showing that hierarchy:

You can add more hierarchies in the same way.

Press "Reset Hierarchies" to empty the list (this will mean you have to enter everything again).